In addition to the five daily prayers lead by the imam (religious scholar who leads prayers in the mosque), the mosque hosts madrasah (religious education) classes from Monday to Friday, 5PM-7PM. In these classes, children are taught how to read the Qur’an, and some older students undertake the memorisation of it.

When someone in the community dies, their body is brought to the mosque’s on-site morgue, where it is washed and shrouded before being prayed over by the imam and the community. The body is then transported to the cemetery, where the next of kin and the community will bury it by hand.

The mosque also hosts happier occasions – when a couple in the community want to get married, the imam conducts the nikah (religious marriage ceremony), where the consent of the groom and bride are witnessed by the community to make the marriage official, after which the bride’s family customarily hosts a meal for attendees. The nikah is usually performed prior to a civil ceremony at Sheffield Town Hall.