Masjid Re-Opening Guidelines – 4th July 2020


Dear brothers/sisters,

Following the Government’s announcement to allow places of worship to reopen for congregational prayers from Saturday 4th July 2020, MJM will be reopening its doors to the general public from 4th July in line with Government’s guidelines.

All attendees are STRONGLY ADVISED to please adhere to the following guidelines to protect and promote the safety of the Masjid and its attendees :

  1. MJM will be open from Saturday 4th July from 1.10pm (Zohr at 1.30pm).
  2. During each salaat, MJM will open 20 minutes before Jamaat time and will close 30 minutes after Jamaat time.
  3. The car park will remain CLOSED so please arrive on foot where possible or find available parking on roads nearby, however be mindful of neighbours and please do not obstruct anyone’s drive or pathway.
  4. Anyone experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms MUST avoid attending the Masjid.
  5. Elders over 70 and children under 12 are STRONGLY advised to perform their salaats at home.
  6. Please ensure you perform wudhu from home as wudhu and toilet facilities at the MJM will not be available are until further notice.
  7. Kindly bring a clean reusable bag to put your shoes in.
  8. You MUST bring your own personal prayer, mat tasbeeh, quran etc
  9. Attendees are STRONGLY advised to wear face masks whilst in the Masjid.
  10. Please ensure you sanitise your hands on arrival and exit by using the hand sanitisers provided at the entrance and exit.
  11. In order to minimise handling objects and furniture, entrance doors and exit doors will remain open.
  12. All Worshippers MUST adhere to the social distancing rule at all times whilst in the Masjid. For ease, please use our 1 metre pre-marked musalla spaces in green.
  13. Please AVOID ALL physical contact e.g.handshaking, hugging etc.
  14. Attendees are STRONGLY advised to perform ALL sunnat and nafl salaats at home.
  15. Qurans, tasbeehs, rails have been stored out of sight. please bring your own personal items.
  16. Please observe high levels of personal hygiene by ensuring sneezes and coughs are caught in a tissue and binned immediately or in the crooks of the elbow and not the hands.
  17. Please kindly ensure you are readily available to take instructions from our Imaam and all our committee members on the site including designated volunteers.

You will be notified and updated of any changes to any of the above in line with the Government guidelines.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Markazi Masjid Management
13 Industry Road, Sheffield S9 5FP

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